Hi everybody,

First I will introduce myself. My name is Annemiek and I am a Bachelor Food Technology student in The Netherlands. I have always loved cooking and baking and I wanted to go to a cooking school in France or London first (Le Cordon Blue for the foodies here), but I decided to start closer to home by studying at this University in my home country.

Now I’m in the second year of my Bachelor, I think it is time to do a bit more with my love for cooking. I have been in a cookbook for students with a recipe of mine and it was such an awesome feeling. So on this blog I will post recipes. Some will be completely random ideas by myself, but many will be inspired by other chefs or by ready made meals from the supermarket. When inspired I will always try to notify you.

Probably I should also tell you in cooking I am somewhat pigheaded. I is very very rare I follow a recipe in detail, so when writing down my own I will make mistakes or forget obvious information that is normal for me but not for everybody. No intention here to insult everybody, but more a way to let you know I am random sometimes… If something isn’t clear, just ask.

I should also note that due to allergies you will not find recipes with: Nuts, chocolate (sorry!), sesame seeds and shellfish. Of course I will tell you in the recipe if there is a version with chocolate or when adding nuts seems like a good idea.

Well, hope it was not too much information at once! This afternoon I will post an easy recipe for lunch or side dish.




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