Dr. Oetker Cake Pops- Test

I have received this package for Cakepops in a goody bag once and made it a while ago. I didn’t taste it, because of the chocolate, but I still wanted to make it.

You must know I have tried to make cake pops from scratch, but although I love baking I really disliked it. First baking a cake, making frosting, mixing it, molding, dipping and then in the dipping they fell apart. I was disappointed. So now I gave these a shot, read on to see what I think of them.

With this also a way of how I test a package. In short I write down the description of how to make it and I paste some pictures of how it looked in my case.

According to the package, in the end they should look like the above, lets find out!

You will need:
– 1 package of Dr. Oetker Cakepops Compleet Pakket (sorry foreign people, I have seen on the Dr. Oetker website it is only available in some countries in Europe)
For the rest you have to check the package, in case they changed the recipe. For mine it was:
– 30 grams of butter
– 1 egg

Package content

How to make them (in short, precise description is on the package):
1. Cream the butter until smooth
2. Add the cake mix and the egg, mix well.
Egg, mix and butter

3. Put your little cupcake cases in a cupcake tin (not necessary) and fill them.
Fill the cases

4. Bake and let cool!
Bake and let them cool

5. Melt the chocolate dip, dip and decorate. Let them cool down.
End result
Although I can’t eat chocolate, when I see this photo I just want to bite in them!

In my opinion they look very good and the rest of the family enjoyed them. Really easy to make and they look good too. I recommend to make it on a birthday party for kids of a high tea.

What is your favorite Baking Kit? What should I test next?



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