Merry Christmas!

Bit short on the updates this week! It is the festive season and I’m cooking and baking some stuff, so I will try to post some recipes next week. Today only a short post with my short opinion about…


Today I made the dessert for the Christmas celebration at my boyfriends parents: a croquembouche!

It is said the croquembouche is very difficult but I tell you; if you have some experience in the kitchen and you take your time you can do it!

I followed the recipe from Pauline’s Kitchen (Croquembouche recipe (dutch) ) .

There are three techniques:
– Making crème pat, which in my opinion is not that hard. Make sure you whisk really well when adding the hot milk to the eggs and cover it when cooling it down so no skin formating takes place then you will be fine I guess. I always sieve mine to be sure there are no lumps.

– Making shou pastry; which is also not that hard, don’t be scared by what other people say! The only trick is to make them the same size, but on the other hand, I like it when you can see they are hand made.

– Making caramel. This is a tricky part, because you want to brown it just enough and especially don’t burn it! What is perfect you have to learn from making it many times. For the croquembouche you need caramel that become rock solid when cooled down. On the other hand, it only exists of sugar and water which are cheap ingredients, so you easily can make a new batch. If you have trouble cleaning the pan, fill it with water and put it on the hob on a high to medium heat. The sugar will melt and the sugar water can be poured in the sink.

What’s left if of course building it! I used the method where you build the croquembouche inside a cone. This was a really easy way and you always have enough profiteroles! I did the building part together with my boyfriend and it was awesome to do! I advice you to also do it together with someone else, makes and nice activity!

Hope you have had a Merry Christmas, and all of you enjoyed lovely food! Have you made or eaten something special?



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