20 random food facts about me

Hello dear readers! Today I planned to have an article with my answers to food related, but I changed it into a sort of random foody facts about me. Have fun reading!

source: pinterest

1. Cupcakes, I love love love them! Sometimes I bake some minis here, but when I do they never last long: NOM!

2. My favorite pizza at the moment is with salami, red bell pepper, mushrooms, courgette and cheese.

3. When I go to London I HAVE to eat at Giraffe restaurant. The ambiance is lovely and this is where I drank my favorite alcoholic drink for the first time: Rekorderlig Passion Fruit. It is a Swedish cider and sadly as far as I know I can’t buy it here in the Netherlands…

4. I do like a lot of foods, but I really dislike raw red bell peppers and raw carrots…

5. I almost never drink alcohol, simply because I don’t like it and I sleep worse.

6. If I had to choose between sweet and savory I would go for savory. I love sweet, but eating it forever I can’t imagine.

source: pinterest

7. Coconut in summer= Heaven!

source: pinterest

8. I have a pinterest board full of food and looking at it makes me hungry.

9. I have always disliked carbonated drinks. When I was little all the other kids never understood.

10. I learned myself to drink tea, because when visiting people it is always: “tea or coffee”. Most of the time I drink Rooibos tea, which according to some is not really tea, but I like it. 🙂

11. I love the movie Julie& Julia, I also have both volumes of Mastering the Art of French cooking. In time I heard that Julia Child wasn’t really a nice person, but I still love her (thank you Meryl Streep).

12. Yes, I have actually cooked from it! The first thing I made was baguette, it took me 12 hours!

13. I have always wished to decorate with flowers, but I don’t know if for example all violas (?) are eatable.

14. When watching Masterchef I feel inspired to bake stuff they make, but I am always scared that I will fail and people will laugh.

15. I have always been a perfectionist, but I got less worse the past year. In cooking however I am horrible. I always criticize stuff I have baked or cooked. I don’t with food others make by the way.

16. My dream is to follow a cooking course at Le Cordon Blue, but it is so expensive!

17. Another dream: Teach other people how to cook! Like a informal fun cooking class. If I find space I will!

18. I got my love for cooking from my mother.

19. A future food challenge is to not eat sugar for a week, of course I will write about it.

20. I find it hard to choose a favorite dish, because it changes time to time.

More questions for me? Just ask!



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