Gradient Cake

Good morning food lovers,
This weekend I celebrated my birthday for my family, therefor the absence of an article yesterday. I of course, baked several cakes so here I describe how I made my showstopper. Also I have some bad news…

Gradient 2
I made this photo in a hurry, so it is a bit blurry.

Every birthday I make a cake that looks a bit more special. This year my sister requested a rainbow cake, but I did that twice already. They did not come out as I wanted them to be: I am a perfectionist. Being in love with layered cake though I decided to make a gradient cake. Outside it was snowing the past week so my brother and I (we celebrate our birthdays together) went for a winter theme. Since I had a lot more to do (bake 3 other cakes) I went for a sponge mix from the supermarket. I used 3 packages (each for 1 sponge) and divided each into 2 so I ended up with 6 bowls of batter. I colored them in gradients of blue as seen on the picture above, one was left out on the photo since it was just the naked color of the batter itself.

Then I baked all the layers separately in 24 cm baking tins. After they where cooled I marked them with an adjustable ring (which is part of a baking tin) and cut them out so they where the exact same size. I kept them overnight since it was already 10 ‘o clock in the evening when I reached this point. Just pack them airtight and they will be fine.

The next morning I whipped up the from My Cupcake Addiction (love her!). It still turned out to be a bit grainy, I have no idea how. I sifted my powdered sugar, used supersoft butter and followed the recipe (so rare!). Any of you got tips?

Well, after the buttercream was done I started with the part I love most: Decorating! I applied a really thin layer of buttercream in between the cakes and then crumb coated it. After letting the crumb coat dry for some time I applied the final layer of buttercream and put some silver balls on top. Here is the end result:

Gradient 1

It was delicious! The rainbow cakes I made before were way too sweet and I most definitely improved on that, next time I am going to try to stack the layers more straight. Always points for learning!

Now on to the sad news. My phone died today, which is not a big problem, BUT I make all the photos for my blog with it. Hopefully I can fix it this week. So I am very sorry if it is a bit silent this week, I hope to be back soon, I have a Curry with cauliflower rice on the planning…



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