Food diary

Hello food loving readers!
Today I have my first food diary (with photos) for you. This week I had some re- exams so most of the day I was at home studying. Let’s go!


I start my day with a glass of lemon water, a glass of vitamins (since I don’t feel so good lately, I really start wondering if I ever get to not be sick for longer than 2 weeks in 2015…) and a jar of greek yogurt, home made fruit compote and some oats, barley and a few raspberries and blueberries. Have to work on my layering skills, haha. Long day ahead full of learning, so I got started right away.


At one ‘o clock I decided it was lunch time and today I went for bread. YES BREAD, I am now in doubt if I ever told you, but I almost never eat bread, because I don’t know what to put on it. Well, problem solved! I have found this recipe for lovely creamy pea spread. I eat 3 slices of bread, one topped with sliced cherry tomatoes, one with cucumber and one au naturel. With it I drink a cup of Rooibos tea.

When I study all day I really feel like eating food that is not that good for you, so I get my groceries on Monday so I can’t eat any sinful food whenever I want. If I don’t get my groceries in one go, I have to dress my willpower every day to eat healthy. So for snacking moments I have my fridge packed with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and carrot. Also something “special”: raw carrots. I decided to just eat them and learn to appreciate the taste. I mean, the structure and crunch when you bite in it is already lovely. During the day I drink some more of the lemon water I made this morning.

Missing photo! By the time I remembered taking a photo I ate my dinner. Oh well.

Finally! Dinner time. Cooking on the end of the day is my moment of relaxation. To me it is a lovely to end the day. Today I keep it very simple and I skipped the vegetables because I don’t feel like eating them (told you!). I have some sweet potato fries and while they are baking in the oven I smash a chicken breast between a sheet of baking paper, perfect get rid of all the exam stress. This way the chicken cooks quick and more even. Then I rub it with some pesto and cover it with breadcrumbs. Bake in a frying pan with a shot of olive oil. Serve with a bit of mayonnaise. A nice comforting dinner, which is a tiny bit healthier than your ordinary fried chips with a burger.

In the evening I drink another cup of tea while surfing the Internet. I come across several healthy banana breads, but all had almond flour or nuts in them. The next weeks I will try and find time to think of my own recipe. If I finally think it is good enough for on the blog, you’ll find it here. Because of the internet I crave for sweet stuff, so I eat a hand of raisins. More surfing on the Internet and typing this article.

Then it is time for bed and that means it is sadly the end of this blogpost. Next week I have a really colorful recipe for you, but for now: Goodnight!



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