Pancake day!

Put away those salad bowls and vegetable stir fries: today it is pancake day! But wait: Don’t run to your nearest pancake restaurant or for the Americans: iHop (I really want to go there one day.). Today I will share my recipe for Pancakes as I know them; large in size, but quite thin.


Below are 2 recipes: one for a normal pancake and one for a bacon cheese or apple pancake.
For the ingredients: These are not exact, because you have to see what works for you. When it needs to be thicker add flour and when it needs to be thinner add milk. Easy peasy!

What you need (for around 6 pancakes)
– 200 grams of flour
– 2 eggs
– 300 ml of milk
– pinch of salt
– powdered sugar/ syrup/ cheese/ bacon

How to make them (normal):
1. Put the flour and salt in a big bowl and add the eggs and some milk (50-100ml). Mix with a whisk or a handheld mixer until it is a smooth batter.
2. Now slowly start adding milk. I like the batter to have the consistency that it sticks to the back of a spoon and you can draw a line in it.
3. Heat up a really flat bottomed frying pan and add some butter. It is said the first pancake always fails, but that is just because the pan isn’t hot enough.
4. Add a thin layer of batter and on a medium high heat bake until the top of pancake is dry/ not shiny anymore.
5. Flip it! If you’re in for a challenge, try the famous pancake air flip. When you try this, first check if you don’t have a lot of butter in your pan. It will fly through your kitchen and if you have bad luck you will end up burning yourself.
6. Brown the pancake on the other side and serve.

These pancakes are not stackable and sexy to photograph, but they are delish!

How to make bacon and cheese pancakes:
1. Follow step 1,2 and 3 of the normal recipe.
2. Put 3-4 slices of round bacon in a pan and let them bake for a very short time.
3. Add a thin layer of batter. Make sure you cover the bacon slightly so it gets integrated in the pancake and it doesn’t fall apart when you flip it.
4. Bake until the top is dry/ not shiny anymore and flip. Immediately add slices of cheese.
5. Bake on the other side until golden brown. Serve with a bit of apple syrup.

This second way can also be used for apple and cinnamon pancakes. Just try!

I hope you make a batch. Have a nice meal and most importantly: have fun making them. Happy pancake day!



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