Tips to reduce Food Waste

Hello food lovers!

As you know I have been participating in the Food Waste Battle the past 3 weeks, so I decided to write an article with tips on how I handled this.

Beetroot Smoothie

The first week of my battle I found out I am not knowingly throwing away quite a bit of food. I become more conscious and also more creative in coming up with dished made from food I had in my fridge. For example the BLT sandwich recipe from last week. The bacon was a left over from pancakes I made, the lettuce and tomato from a salad.

What to do with leftovers?

  • If you know you are not going to use it the next days. Freeze it before it goes off.
  • If it is slightly too ripe, just make a smoothie. You can also combine overripe fruit with some of your fruit from the fridge to make it nice and cold.


  • Same as for fruit. Freeze it before it goes off! You can also buy some more when it is in the sale, blanch and freeze it.
  • Vegetables are commonly eaten at dinner, but you can also put them in an omelette for lunch or breakfast.
  • Some vegetables like kale, beets and spinach are really delicious in those smoothies
  • Combine leftover vegetables in wrap filling, salads or stews. Use them as a pizza topping or in your pasta sauce.

Dinner leftovers

  • Eat them for lunch the next day.
  • Combine it in another dish. Chili con carne can also be used as a wrap filling!
  • See if your can freeze them.


  • If you have yogurt left, you can use it instead of creme fraiche.
  • Use milk to thin out your eggs or if you have a lot to get rid of: make pancakes.


  1. What do you have in your fridge and cupboard? Which ingredients combine well and what are you missing to complete the dish?
  2. Is it really not edible anymore? Maybe if you cut of a bit it is still good.
  3. Check the different kinds of dates on a package. Use by: Do not eat the product after this date. Best before: Check the product with the help of your eyes, nose and mouth, because this product might is not unsafe after this date. Best before only states the date until the product for sure lives up to the quality the producer wants it to be.
  4. Make a grocery/ food list at the start of the week. Find out what’s on sale and how many servings you get out of something. When you do this more often it will get easier.

Hope you can do something with this info! What is your go to tip when it comes to reducing food waste?




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