Crazy Food Tag


Today I have something different. I found this Crazy Food Tag on “” and decided to do it too. There are 32 questions so let’s get started. Have fun reading!

1. What food could you eat every day?

I really love Pasta Carbonara, but I think I would go for Banana Egg pancakes. I love them so much and I eat them very very often.

2. What is your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is definitely Giraffe in England, but if I have to stay closer to home I would say Gringos in Doetinchem: Amazing Mexican food!

3. In which city have you had the best food? 

LONDON! Again Giraffe…

4. What would you put on your sandwich?

Several possibilities here. I love the BLT sandwich, but a spelt roll with cream cheese, lettuce and smoked salmon is also to die for!

IMG_86475. What would you put on your pizza?

The pizza with salami, red bell pepper, mushrooms and cheese is still my absolute favorite!

6. Is there a food/ dish that you’ve always wanted to try?

This is a difficult one. At the moment I am growing some Radishes myself. I had them once before, but I can’t remember what they taste like. So I guess I am keeping it to Radishes for now. While answering more questions I remembered a place I really want to eat once: iHop!

7. Tell about your worst restaurant experience

A few years ago I was at a tapas restaurant with my grandmother and my sister. It was lovely weather, so we decided to sit outside. This restaurant and it terrace was next to the church and we soon found out it was a very bad place to sit. We orderen our first round and when it arrived we heard weird sounds on the rop of the sunshade. Soon we found out these sound were either small stones falling from the roof of the church due to the bird, or it was their poo. It ended up in our food and we were in a kind of in a poo shower…

8. Who is a better cook, your mom or your dad?

My mother, definitely. I got my love for cooking from her!

9. What is a dish you don’t seem to get right and why?

I have only tried to make Mozzarella once, but it failed and I have no idea why! Luckily I have ingredients to have 15 more tries.

10. What is your least favorite food?

Really thin rice noodles, not my cup of tea.


11. Raw or cooked vegetables?

This completely depends on the vegetable and I like both equally.

12. How do you like your steak?

Medium Rare.

13. What do you prefer: Cooking or Baking?

Another really difficult one!

14. How do you like you steak?

Medium Rare.

IMG_334215. What do you prefer: Cooking or Baking?

Another really difficult one. Nope, can’t choose!

16. What is your favorite fast- food restaurant? Can you name 5 items of the menu?

I can’t really think of any fast food restaurants I go often…

17. Name a restaurant of which you hoped would be closer to home?

iHop and Giraffe.

18. What is your favorite dessert?

Home made tiramisu. I will post a recipe one day

19. What is your favorite party- food?

Deviled eggs or carrots with “Heksenkaas”

20. What is your favorite food you eat with Christmas?

Tiramisu again. My mother always makes the best version with Cognac/ Brandy.

21. What food comes into your mind now?

Cinnamon Rolls. Since I have planted my herbs in an empty Ben& Jerry’s cup with the flavor “Cinnamon Buns”.

IMG_842422. Do you have weird eating habbits?

I guess you can call it weird that I almost never eat rice, potatoes or bread. But other than that when I eat bread, I eat it with thick apple syrup and cheese.

23. What is your favorite holiday considering food?

I guess it would be New Years Eve or Boxing Day (Christmas) since we Raclette.

24. Name a food/ dish that you would NEVER try

This is hard. I can be quite adventurous, so I would depend on the situation. But I think Haggis would be a challenge…

25. Do you know what the favorite food of your friends?

Well no. I guess my friends are kind of like me that they don’t have 1 ultimate favorite. One of my friends is very fond of vegetables, but that’s all I know.

26. What is the most delicious dish your mother can make?

Her tiramisu is to die for, but not to make it boring I would say her Indonesian Chicken, yum!

27. How do you like your eggs?

Boiled, with some salt and mayonnaise.

28. Name you favorite restaurant that is now closed.

Luckily I don’t have any favorite restaurants that closed.

29. How do you like your bread to be toasted?

Golden brown. Is someone going to make me a surprise breakfast ? All the questions about eggs and toast 🙂

30. Do you like spicy food?

I am not very used to eating very spicy, but I like it when my mouth is slightly on fire. I have had dishes where you have to drink tons of milk to “extinguish” the fire, but I don’t like that!

31. Do you like seafood?

As you know I can eat shellfish, but I really like normal fish. Except tuna steak, that is something I really don’t like. Salmon is my absolute favorite!

32. Name the dish that comes into your mind when you think of “eating green”?

Several things, my mind is all over the place with questions like this: Green smoothie, salad, wheatgrass…

Feel free to do this tag too! I am now going to enjoy the lovely weather by butchering a coconut.




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