Happietaria- first experience in a restaurant kitchen

Hello you!

“Happie- what?!”. Happietaria! It is a pop- up restaurant where you eat for charity. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

First let me tell you why I wrote an article about this. A week ago I received a flyer from this Happietaria place and I saw I could volunteer, so after surfing around a bit I decided to help them out. Besides that, I think it is a wonderful project. Don’t you think it is amazing you can help people in such an easy way? Let’s tell you some more about what it is and hopefully I will inspire┬ásome people to contribute to this project or at least entertain you with my first restaurant kitchen experience ­čśë

Quite some time ago this concept came to the Netherlands from Great- Britain and  since then its popularity is growing. Christian students set up this restaurant out of nowhere. They have to think about everything: location, sponsors, food, waiters, chefs, bartenders and people who do the dishes!

When everything is arranged (this takes about half a year) the doors open and the eating can begin. The restaurant is open for everybody and serves starters, mains and desserts from which about 90% of the profit goes to the charity*. Besides just paying for the food you can also leave a tip of which 100% goes to the charity.

Students (of all religions) can volunteer here as barkeepers, by waiting, doing dishes, preparing or plating meals. Without any doubt I chose to work in the kitchen and I loved it! I had no experience in a restaurant kitchen, but everyone was really nice and yes, sometimes it was stressing, but in a lovely kind of way. The whole evening I plated starters, mains and desserts when they were ordered. Next week and the week after I will help again and if possible maybe even more often!

I have always thought that working in a restaurant kitchen wouldn’t be anything for me, because you are preparing the same over and over and over, but I switched! I think it gives you the opportunity to improve yourself every single time. So who knows what the future brings…

Would you like to work in a professional kitchen? What do you think about this project?



Happietaria Wageningen: http://www.happietariawageningen.nl/en/



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