Hello people on the interwebs!

Sadly no recipe (later in the week there will be one!), but I am going to tell you something about the reboot I start today. Read on 😉

Quite some time ago I watched the documentary ” Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix (love Netflix…). A  month back I saw part 2 and decided to show it to my father. He was so enthusiastic and asked me 3 weeks ago if I wanted to do a 10 day  reboot with him: Of course!

So, probably I should explain something for you who haven’t seen the documentary. It is a film made by Joe Cross and it starts with him stating he is fat, sick and “nearly dead”. He is overweight and takes medicine to suppress an autoimmune disease. Then he decided that there was only one way left to fix this: only eat naturally; live on juice only for 60 days while traveling through America.

At the end his health significantly improved and others who started to juice also improved. There was this boy with Artritis (since he was 2,5) and he started having a juice once a day. In the end of the documentary they showed that he now (I forgot after how long) he was off his medication and he could play in his first Football game. I think it is wonderful juice can do such a thing, although I keep in mind that other things could also have played a role. In America the fruit and vegetable intake is much lower than it is here and thus it can have a bigger effect.


But to test what happens to your body we decided to do it ourselves. Yesterday I bought a LOT of fruit and vegetables on the market and in the evening we prepared our first juice and breakfast.

Tomorrow we will start with an apple- berry- cinnamon bake: it looks really good but it seems to be a really small portion. For a morning and afternoon break “snack” we will have 500ml of Apple- Carrot- Ginger juice. For lunch and dinner we will have an enormous amount of vegetables and I have no idea how I’m going to eat all of it. I am superbly excited and also a bit nervous, but we will see…




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