Foodtour Amsterdam


It is the big summer holiday and I tend to travel a bit in my own country if I can. So I came up with this food tour. Go to a city and have some meals at places you have never been before. Let’s GO!

Last Wednesday I went to Amsterdam to start this. With my brother we left by train at 9 ‘o clock, since we wanted to have lunch there and it is a 2 hour travel. We started our day with a lovely breakfast at Roots. This place looks really awesome, but the atmosphere was missing. Maybe because besides us there was nobody else and the weather sucked. I must say the staff was really friendly, so that was not the problem :).  They have all kinds of juices, breakfasts and lunches that seem so delicious I had trouble choosing.


After 10 minutes I finally decided to get the Chia Pudding with red fruit and my brother chose a superbig muffin! They both look so amazing and both were vegan. After eating our breakfast we walked in the rain through the famous Vondelpark to the centre of Amsterdam to get some shopping done.

For dinner we went to the Salsa Shop and OH MY! The fresh look in combination with the food. It just makes your day.

I had this amazing burrito bowl with chicken, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, lettuce and of course salsa. My brother is a real meat- eater and 15, so yeah, a big eater and he had a tacos with steak. He likes it really done and the guy that made our food listened well and my brother was super happy to finally eat steak exactly the way he likes it. We were in food heaven!


For the rest of the afternoon we just walked around in Amsterdam and when we were finished we treated ourselves for the third time today by buying a Frozz frozen yoghurt. I had this frozen yoghurt over a year ago and was never near a shop again and it is SO FREAKING GOOD. Get it. 🙂

Ok, this was my first little food tour through Amsterdam. Maybe I will do another one in the future. What are your favorite places to go to eat?




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